Recent amendments to Maltese taxation legislation
News    ·   03-07-2017

AUTHOR: Mark Galea Salomone, Miguel Camilleri

Recent legal notices, through which amendments have been made to Maltese taxation legislation, have been issued since the turn of the year. Further high level summaries of other taxation developments in Maltese legislation shall be released over the coming weeks.

The Deduction (Income from Employment or Pension) (Amendment) Rules, 2017, which were introduced through Legal Notice 43 of 2017, have amended the Deduction (Income from Employment or Pension) Rules (SL 123.149) (the “Deduction Rules”), so that all references to pensions in said Deduction Rules are removed. As a result, the Deduction Rules are now applicable solely to employment, and shall now have the following title “Deduction (Income from Employment) Rules”.

Another recent piece of legislation amending taxation rules came about through Legal Notice 36 of 2017, whereby the Duty on Documents and Transfers (Amendment) Rules, 2017 amended the Duty on Documents and Transfers Rules (SL 364.06) (“DDTR”) The first such amendment was made to sub-rule 4 of rule 8 of the DDTR, whereby a reference to periti and the Perit Act was added, whilst Eighth Schedule (Physical attributes of immovable property) was amended through changes such as the amalgamation of the “surroundings” and “environment” categories, the separation of the “finishing” category into 2 (“state of construction” and “level of finishes”), and the removal of the obligation to denote value of property.

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