Our Approach

Our Approach

We train our people to be versatile in their attitudes and in deepening their knowledge of the areas of law in which they practice, without losing sight of the broader perspective of other areas of law and a deeper understanding of the industry sectors in which our clients operate.  This provides us with a multi-disciplinary team of lawyers which enables us to field fewer people on matters, providing the client with a more cost-effective service and a single point of contact with the firm.

Our Focus

We focus on what we do best: serving the business community, efficiently and effectively.

Our philosophy has always been to serve the business community – to be the commercial law firm.

This is a choice not a coincidence. It is a legacy which knows its roots to the very founder of the firm more than 50 years ago.

We are committed to remain engaged – indeed the more complex the business world becomes the higher the level of focus required to remain effective and efficient in servicing the ever-increasing demands of our clients.

To remain cutting-edge; we need to adapt to the requirements of our clients – whilst developing thought leaders in our areas of expertise. Our focus enables us to take the time to not only understand the law, but also the business – this has been a huge strength in our practice, we can truly devise practical solutions for our clients.

Others may say it, we actually do it.

This is a strength we are committed to maintain.

Client focus

We strive to build long-standing and loyal relations with our clients as their trusted advisors.

Our clients interact better with lawyers they know and with whom they have built a relationship.  This allows our lawyers to better understand the client and their business.  We develop relationships with clients and train our people to take a keen interest in our clients' business which allows us to provide pragmatic, effective and innovative solutions, even in the most complex situations, that add value to our clients.

We organise ourselves in teams not departments. Clients will always have a consistent point of contact with us, which helps in fostering to build rapport, however our teams are built based on our clients' needs to ensure that the client is best served through the right mix of skills and experience required for each matter.  We pride ourselves in having long-standing relationships with a significant number of our clients.

People focus

Our people take centre-stage -

  • We promote a collegiate environment where people are at the heart of what we do, where everyone’s contribution is valued, and where people are encouraged to enjoy their work;
  • We strive to offer them meaningful opportunities to grow professionally and personally.

We are firm believers that we can only sustain our approach if we manage to attract and retain the right people who find our culture and approach second nature to them.  We operate a traineeship programme based on hands-on experience and formal professional development aimed at bridging the gap between law school and professional life.

We also nurture current employees’ growth, as well as their personal and professional development through programmes of continued professional development to ensure that our lawyers are constantly up to date with the latest developments in law and specific industry sectors.