Our capital markets expertise in the local market is second to none.

We have been active in Maltese capital markets since 1990, even before the inception of the Malta Stock Exchange. We have assisted more issuers seeking a listing on the official list of the Malta Stock Exchange than all of our competitors put together with a market share in excess of 50% of both equity and debt instruments listed and traded on the Malta Stock Exchange (as at June 2022).  

Our significant involvement in the area with clients having instruments listed on the Malta Stock Exchange has established us as a first port of call for prospective issuers and clients aiming to raise capital in the market and to have their securities admitted to listing on the main market of the Malta Stock Exchange, as well as to advise issuers on governance matters and compliance with changing regulatory requirements.

Our exposure and record in the market provides us with significant experience and insight into the dynamics of the market and the workings of the rules, through continuous interaction with the regulator. We are regularly consulted by the regulator in conducting revisions of the Capital Market Rules and the transposition of EU directives in those rules.

We continue to provide support to companies having instruments listed on the Malta Stock Exchange in advising the board and senior management on corporate governance and operational risk matters as well as their compliance with their continuing obligations under the capital market rules.  In select cases our lawyers also provide assistance to listed companies by acting as secretary to the board of directors of listed companies.

Our close collaboration with financial advisers, accountancy firms and stockbrokers over the years has given us an unrivalled experience in understanding the needs of all the players in that market.