Permanent Residents Scheme
News    ·   01-06-2011

AUTHOR: General

The media has recently reported that 1988 Permanent Residents Scheme is soon to be replaced by a number of new schemes, the aim of which is to cater for the old and new sectors as well as different nationalities. One such scheme was said to be the indefinite High Network Individual Scheme which will specifically apply for EU, Swiss and EEA citizens. In addition to this, it was also reported that a scheme for non-EU residents will be introduced; although more expensive than that for EU residents, it will give participants freedom of movement and eventually EU status.

There should also be a four-year, non-renewable Global Mobile Permanent Scheme for non-EU citizens which should cover foreigners working in North Africa on three-year contracts and should enable their families to reside in Malta during that time. While being cheaper than the non-EU residents scheme, it would not offer the benefit of EU citizenship.

Other schemes which have been reported to be introduced include one which would give Schengen Area benefits and another two, for EU and non-EU citizens, which are intended to incentivise artistes, singers and professional who are also High Network Individuals but would not participate in another scheme.

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