Camilleri Preziosi supporting restoration of Code de Rohan
News    ·   10-12-2014

AUTHOR: General

The Code De Rohan was promulgated in Malta by Grand Master Emmanuel de Rohan way back in 1784. This code, which continued to build on its predecessor the Code de Vilhena, was aimed at providing a more contemporary legal framework within the Maltese legal system. 

Largely based on Roman Law, the Code de Rohan consists of eight books which virtually deal with all aspects of society, these ranging from the simple responsibility of taking care of one's animals, to the structure of the Courts and the power of the Order of St. John over the Maltese islands. 

Restoration of this code has been made possible by Camilleri Preziosi Advocates, the Junior Chamber of Advocates and the Chamber of Advocates Malta, and, while such restoration is a duty we owe to our nation, it is more importantly a privilege.

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