Camilleri Preziosi Senior Associate, Malcolm Falzon, interviewed in The Lawyer Magazine, 28th May 2012, in an article entitled “Cruise Control”
Publications    ·   01-06-2012

AUTHOR: General

Dr Falzon gives his perspective on how Malta successfully positions itself as a centre for financial services, experiencing a resurgence in M&A activity.

In terms of securitisations work and international transactions, Malta ascertains its position as a legislation of choice. Malcolm Falzon agrees that Malta continues to witness an increase in M&A activity and corporate restructurings involving Malta-registered vehicles, with transactions featuring securitisation and capital markets elements gaining more prominence. Asset finance deals are also on the rise, particularly in aviation and shipping.

“International players are becoming more aware of the stability and credibility of the Maltese legal environment,” he says. “That’s helping to send the message out that Malta is and remains a viable option.” Dr Falzon adds that while the bulk of transactions coming through Malta are predominantly European, there is increased interest from outside the EU, with true multinationals displaying increased awareness of what Malta has to offer. Indeed, as a consequence of the growing activity in financial services and capital markets, Maltese firms are increasing their international offerings.

“Maltese practitioners have proved to be very capable of adapting to a changing environment, particularly in the financial services sector. A level of adjustments commensurate with the increased complexity of the market in which we operate has further refined and improved the way in which leading firms operate. Undoubtedly, this process is facilitated by exposure to major international firms engaging counsel in Malta or forming part of networks coming together to share ideas on their respective operations, as well as by the increased number of foreign lawyers on secondment or settling in Malta who provide first-hand knowledge of the way things are done elsewhere within larger firms,” Malcolm Falzon says.

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