Camilleri Preziosi contributes to Global Legal Insights: Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Regulation 2019
Publications    ·   21-09-2018

AUTHOR: Malcolm Falzon; Alexia Valenzia

Camilleri Preziosi’s Malcolm Falzon and Alexia Valenzia contributed to Global Legal Insights’ first edition on Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Regulation. Global Legal Insights publications provide readers with a series of essential insights into various legal practice areas, as well as an expert analysis of legal, economic and policy developments through the eyes of the world’s leading practitioners.

The article provides a comprehensive overview of the new legal framework surrounding Distributed Ledger Technologies (“DLTs”) in Malta, and can be found here. The article explores the key aspects relating to government attitude on DLTs, the regulation of cryptocurrencies, taxation, AML requirements, licensing requirements, and promotion and testing, amongst others.

The content of the article is updated as at AUGUST 2018. However, owing to the dynamic nature of Malta’s DLT framework, which is expected to fully come into force in early November 2018, please contact the authors should you wish to enquire about any developments arising since.  

Reproduced with permission from Global Legal Insights. This article was first published in Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Regulation 2019 (Published: 17 September 2018). For further information please click here.


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